The Resource Centre is your source of information. Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, the Resource Centre supports your search for a new property internationally. For landlords. the Resource Centre provides them with tips to manage their listings and understand the residential real estate market. Tenants can also benefit from the published information.

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The Resource Centre offers detailed articles about the North American, European and International real estate markets. Powered by, each service is optimized to deliver great results for the user.

In addition to the benefits of landlords and tenants, Resource Centre offers brokers, property managers, real estate consultants and residential property owners the guidance to everyday business activities.

Users can share the content through social media channels, leave a comment and rate the articles.

Tips to Landlords & Tenants:


Tips for Landlords

Tips for Tenants

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Learn about the Resource Centre Help Centre by accessing the FAQ section. This section allows the users to upload their own listings, set certain descriptions and update their profiles.

To create an Account with the, users need to Register first. All registered users will be enhanced with the best promotional discounts and features when uploading their listings online.

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