Create Your Own Real Estate Residential Services

November 11, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Global Services,Residential Real Estate

Have you considered the need to create your own real estate residential services? With every move in the real estate market, there are additional residential services available to support businesses and professionals. Simply, anything related to real estate for rent can be enhanced with unique residential services.

Welcome to the Residential Services Dashboard:

This ‘Related Services Directory‘ opens doors to property managers and real estate supported professionals. With related residential services, contractors, professionals, home decorations, inspection and other services are featured through the Related Services Directory instantly.

Originally, the residential services were grouped into unique categories:

  1. Home & Garden
  2. Home Decor
  3. Home Renovation

These residential services categories are further broken down to specific titles. The optimum goal is to provide the users the benefits of these services from one channel only. Supported by Google Maps, the residential services offer the national and international real estate markets with one solution for every rental related matters.

The residential services provide users with access to their own ‘Dashboard‘ online. This directory dashboard is titled as ‘My Service Account‘ which demonstrated the number of listings, leads, orders and bookmarks.


residential services

Personalized Residential Services:

Adding residential services require certain steps and guidelines to follow:

  • First, new users need to ‘Register‘ to access the related real estate residential services. Existing users can simply ‘log-in’ to enter the dashboard.
  • Second, users might need to navigate through the menu to re-access the Add a Service page.

add a service

  • Once registered to the, the user now have access to the entire directory dashboard.
  • Enter the title including your name, the best category that fit your title, add description and social media profile pages.
  • Make sure you disclose your contact information, phone number, address with Google Maps and fax number.
  • After creating your profile, insert your brand image or service related picture to the listing.
  • Now you can save the listing and claim it for later benefits.
  • To claim a listing, you need to pay only $15 per month, this will give you ultimate control over the number of leads and users comments.
  • If the listing is published and not claimed under your name, the will still display it under ‘Residential Services‘.
  • Published directory listings preserve the images, description and the selected post category.

Why Do You Need to Claim Your Residential Services Online Directory Listing?

  1. Online exposure with full control over the number of leads
  2. Ownership of title and importance of profile representation
  3. Significance of communication with every sign to interest
  4. Community support via Google Maps which delivers great results
  5. Solution to newly moved families, landlords and residential services
  6. Reputation for every home related service in your market of interest

Residential Services

This will help you save time and increase your potential to growth within the residential real estate business.

In case of questions or residential services matters,Contactthe 4RentNetwork Management team for support.

Stay updated with the latest blog articles and find out ways to promote your business online. All related residential services inclusive with the is now available for your own use and benefit.